Sunday, December 29, 2013

Seduce Him With Your Nails!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! 
I heard from the boys that beautiful hands especially gorgeous nails really attracts them, having clean and pretty nails makes them think that you really know how to take care of yourself.
Ladies with long gorgeous nails never fail to caught my attention too! I don't have the perfect hands but I love my nails, they're really long and its so easy to make them look B-E-A-U-tiful, your nails emphasizes your fingers and it makes them look longer too ;)
Today I'm giving you some tips on how to maintain long nails, wrinkle-less hands and will show you some of my nail polishes;

1. Make hands moisturizer as one of your habit. I regularly use Dove Hand Cream, I use it like every 30 minutes(I know I'm a bit addicted to it) and I really like the smell too. I do believe that your hands shows your age so keep it less wrinkle and hide your age ;)

2. Change Nail Polish Every 3 Days. Nail Polish has chemical ingredients that destroys your nails causing nail brittle. I change mine every 3 days, you can replace it again with the same nail polish if you do love the old one.

3. Avoid excessive cleaning of the surface layer of your nails. Actually I don't even remember the last time i cleaned mine, I just simply cut the excess cuticle, reshape it with nail cutter/nipper, remove the old nail polish with nail polish remover and replace it again with new one. FYI: Excessive cleaning makes you're nails thin and gets easily broken.

Below are some of my nail polishes ( I'm not really really good in designing but having long nails really makes it look good)

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