Sunday, December 15, 2013


I like looking at beautiful women because they inspire me in a good way.
They motivate me to make myself better. I don’t feel like its jealousy or insecurity, 
I call it more like appreciation and inspiration.I don’t focus on their flaws instead I focus on what makes them beautiful.
I love women with class, sophistication, who knows how to carry themselves no matter what kind of material, brand or who they are wearing.
I think the most important thing in being a woman is accepting your flaws, being comfortable with yourself and being confident of who you are.
You might not be the best in the crowd but there is always something in you that makes you stand out, makes you unique from others and keep it as your trademark.
Be real, don’t try to be someone you are not just to fit in the crowd or just to be better from anyone else because you are beautiful the way you are. There is nothing more attractive than a woman who is real and confident who she is, someone who knows herself and being real to everyone else.
I am a bit conservative kind of woman, there were times like I want to wear sexy because they are wearing sexy, I want that because they are like that, I want this because blah blah blah … but in the end I am not happy with it because it’s not me. I realized, I don’t need to push myself to wear clothes which isn’t my comfort clothes just because they are wearing it. I don’t need to talk the way they talk just because it sounds cool.
I don’t need to change my friends just because they have socialite friends. I love being me and being with real people around me because it’s me and them who makes me REAL – that’s when you meet your happiness and self satisfaction.

Ladies! Be confident and know your super power –improve it and do not be intimidated by anyone just because she is like that or she have that. You are special in some ways that people thinks your cool. Do not just be someone else’s copy cat. Be yourself and embrace your flaws! That’s what makes you beautiful. You might not have her flawless skin but she don’t have your stunning eyes ;) think of the positive things!

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