Sunday, December 15, 2013

Love Your Job

Many of us don’t know the importance of our job.You have no idea how many jobless people out there in the street walking under the sun, hungry, hoping and praying to have a job.You have no idea how many people is in line waiting to take your place right now. There are at least hundred applicants passing their CV’s for that position you have right now.You should be very thankful you have job and getting paycheck every month, it might not be the perfect job but bear in mind that there is nothing in this world as perfect job.

“The one key to be happy doing something is to starts accepting it. There is no hard and complicated job if you understand what you are doing and accepting it within you”.
I too don’t have the ideal job(It’s far from perfect actually), I have 3 complicated superiors, got massive pesky clients, working with two totally different industries and three different departments.
I do “sometimes” complain and got angry when I reach the limit, but I don’t dwell on it, I don’t live in that anger, I find a way to solve every problem and think on positive things, always finds a reason why I should stay, why it happened and how to overcome it. There is always a positive and good things in every bad situations.
I experienced being jobless for three months and this made me realized how important having a job.

So people! Know your job, learn how to make it exciting, find a motivation, don’t complain and ask yourself sometimes why things doesn’t get along the way, maybe something is wrong with you-not something wrong about your job. Always remember “YOU ARE VERY LUCKY” for having a job. Be friendly to your boss, always smile. Don’t fight back coz it will only get worst. Be humble. Stay your feet on the ground. Give way. And one day your boss will realize it and give your prize. It will only take 3 inhale-exhale to calm yourself.

#behappy #enjoyworking

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