Sunday, January 26, 2014


In a woman's life - It's not easy to have a successful career and a successful love life at the same time, it's either you have a successful career and zero love life or got a 99.99% score in love life but no career -well you are very lucky if you got the best of both worlds. I am just an average woman who's focusing on my career but no interest in love life. The best examples are the successful celebrities, some of them might get married yes but rarely lasts forever. The major advantage of having a career and sucked in love life is that you earn more money than those who chose love over their career,Women who chose to be in-love  tends to be a mother, a full time housewife but YOU girl are rolling, swinging and dancing on that pole of success.

Here are some of the disadvantages of being a successful career woman.

*You might likely to be a sad lonely old maid in a mansion abandoned by a prince.
*You have no social life or if you do have - very less.
*You have a very less REAL friends and will have a bunch of haters and enemies try'na put you down.
*You have more responsibilities and big expectations from people.
*You get less wooer and might likely to have an old successful sugar daddy suitors coz they are the only kind of men who have the guts to approach you.
*You are usually alone and hard to have a friend in a room because they get intimidated by you.

I would love to hear more from you if your'e on the top of your career and share the disadvantages being there. :)

Tuesday, January 14, 2014


Leonardo DiCaprio as Jordan Belfort
The Real Jordan Belfort
Did you watched the movie "The Wolf Of Wall Street"? I really really really loved it! I would rate it 9.5 out of 10) (Rotten Tomato gave it 7.5/10 which is good - those guys are really tight when it comes to giving scores) The actors and actresses did an amazing job! especially Leonardo DiCaprio -Outstanding! Hats Off!This guy is the kind of guy who always make his assignments perfect! Dang! He deserve all the awards for best actor! He already got the Golden Globes but common Oscar! do not be a prick, give this guy a prize he deserve! Meanwhile in the Middle East, there was massive count of negative response and upset fans who watched the movie in the cinema because 45 minutes scenes from the movie has been deleted - most probably those nasty things Jordan Belfort had been doing like drugs maybe, sex of course and I don't know the others because I did not watched it in the Cinema - I downloaded the movie because I just knew  they will going to cut some interesting scenes! The reason why I liked this movie is that it was based on a real life of this man Jordan Belfort, hands up! - this man is smart! just blinded by the money, fame, power and all the benefits of being a wealthy man. One of the best stories I've ever heard and you will learn a lot of lessons from his experiences.

Monday, January 13, 2014


There were times when I was doubting myself as a woman, I did think that I was  lesbian. Ever since I was a child and as far as I remember, I grew up with boys around. My friends back then were all boys or lesbians, I grew up thinking that I was a lesbo too. I remember when I prefer being with the boys working on our MUSCLES (I know right!), running around or brawling occasionally with them rather than stay with the girls playing our hairs, barbie dolls or talking about the cute boys around (believe me I really hated it, I always end up hitting one of them). When I went to college, I needed to change my perception as a woman,(I realized I am not really a 100% lesbian, just one of the boys) I am not a child anymore and I need to fit in a normal world that I need to be a woman and I should like a guy and I should have girl friends and do girls stuffs... That day I realized what are the benefits of being a woman! (Especially the good looking ones)  PEOPLE ALWAYS PUTS US FIRST :) - that is true!

Now I do know why I don't have a lot of female friends and why I get along with the boys more than women, because I hate women's attitude, Here are some of the reasons why I hate them;

(I am not saying all the ladies - but some of the ladies)

*They love to gossip a LOT! - Like what the heck? they will talk behind about how ugly your dog is, how annoying your cat is, your frizzy hair, your pimples, your shoes, your clothes,your mom, your dad, your retarded brother, your slutty sister and blah blah blah, they just can't be stopped! - every time I hear women gossip, I was like "yeah right b*c"

*They are very talkative - I am talkative but not as much as talkative as they(I'm just loud :p ). I have this one female friend before when she used to come in my house ALL THE TIME and talks a lot about nonsense things, she talks about everything even she is aware that I am not listening! She talks about her relationship, about her family, about her clothes, about what she did, about that, and there and EVERYTHING! Though I do not remember what are those things because i wasn't listening at all! B-COZ I just f*ng don't give a damn about her life!

*They think everything is a competition! - you know exactly what i mean!

*They have everything you have - and its always better than yours!  - have you ever had this friend where she always have what you have? like if you say your boyfriend bought you wallet, she'll say her boyfriend bought her a bag as well. Tell her you will go to Maldives for a vacation, she"ll say she will go to Hawaii. Tell her your boyfriend bought a new car, she'll say her boyfriend just got his new Ferrari! LOL

* They have this annoying veeeeery girly voice or move so differently especially when there are boys around or talking to their boyfriends! *they unconsciously switch to Paris Hilton alter ego!

* The only topic they are interested in a conversation is BOYS! BOYS! BOYS! GOSSIP! HOW PRETTY AND SEXY THEY ARE! THEY'RE CLOTHES! SHOES! BAGS! ETC,! AND BOYS AGAIN!

...... and etc. These are just the major reasons of what I hate about women. You know what I love being with my boys? We talk b*shits and we don't care! We laugh so loud and we don't care! everything is GENUINE! no B*LLSH*TS!

Wednesday, January 8, 2014


Have you ever wondered where the earth came from? I have a lot of questions and curiosity in life and this is one of them "where did the earth really came from?". There were a lot of theories in the history of men about how was the earth made and how it all begun that confuses us. As what we believed when we were a child, God created the world and so as when we grew up and went to school - science made us confused. I believe in God as well as I believe in science (is that even possible?). In my opinion, it was God's plan - He was the architect and the designer of the earth and the scientists  were discovering how did it was formed or how did he formed it through debris from the outer space. What about you? what do you think the Earth really came from?

To educate us - I've watched this video in Discovery Channel and it really amazed me, the earth has really a lot of wonders and how was it formed was incredible!

Monday, January 6, 2014


Cate Blanchett as Queen Elizabeth 1

Do you know that back in 1600, women with white as pearl, alabaster skin is the definition of beauty? They used "ceruse" (combination of white lead and vinegar) and apply on their face to achieve white pale skin. Queen Elizabeth is very well known for using "ceruse", it was believed that women with pale white skin was a sign of wealth, purity, virginity, innocence, modesty and goodness. Upper Class women could only achieve the white pale skin and Lower class women were expected to work outside and gets a "suntan".

At this age everything has been changed, people now thinks that "skinny" "tan" are some of the definitions of beauty. Women today uses fake tans and skinny models became the standard of "sexy" BUT I don't think you need to be that kind of women to be beautiful, we do have our own "beauties" that different people with different definition of beauty still appreciates us. 

Anyway.... lets go back to fair-skinned woman. FYI: There are still some famous gorgeous celebrities who embraces their fair skin like Nicole Kidman, Kylie Minogue, Charlize Theron, Scarlett Jhansson and etc..

I used to have a darker skin color, I am Asian and mostly Asian women thinks that white skin is beautiful. I tried different soaps, lotions and creams, I even tried "glutathione". My skin became lighter after few months of using but I never really became loyal to one product, my friend introduced me this "royal product" once,  "kojic papaya soap" and the result is just amazing! (Price is approx. 6USD) It dries up pimples, prevents from forming and at the same time whitens the skin, you can even notice the result after a month of using. I highly recommend this product to you if you want to have a whiter skin, I am not a big fan of the smell but at least it works!

Sunday, January 5, 2014


"Though Valentines Day is still next month, I am very fascinated by the Love Story of Cupid and Psyche."

Once upon a time there was a king with three daughters. They were all beautiful, but by far the most beautiful was the youngest, Psyche. She was so beautiful that people began to neglect the worship of Venus, the goddess of love and beauty. Venus was very jealous, and asked her son Cupid (the boy with the arrows) to make Psyche fall in love with a horrible monster. When he saw how beautiful she was, Cupid dropped the arrow meant for her and pricked himself, and fell in love with her.
Despite her great beauty no-one wanted to marry Psyche. Her parents consulted an oracle, and were told that she was destined to marry a monster, and they were to take her to the top of a mountain and leave her there. The west wind took her and wafted her away to a palace, where she was waited on by invisible servants. When night came her new husband visited her, and told her that he would always visit her by night and she must never try to see him.
Although her invisible husband was kind and gentle with her, and the invisible servants attended to her every desire, Psyche grew homesick. She persuaded her husband to allow her sisters to visit her. When they saw how she lived they became very jealous and talked Psyche into peeking at her husband, saying that he was a monster who was fattening her up to be eaten and that her only chance of safety was to kill him. Psyche took a lamp and a knife, but when she saw her beautiful husband, Cupid, she was so surprised she dripped some hot wax onto his shoulder, waking him. He took in the situation at a glance and immediately left Psyche and the magnificent palace she had been living in disappeared in a puff of smoke.
Psyche roamed about looking for her husband, and eventually in desperation approached his mother, Venus. Still angry, the goddess set various tasks for Psyche, all of which she passed, with a bit of help from ants and river gods. At last Cupid found out what was going on, and he persuaded Jupiter to order Venus to stop her persecution of Psyche. Then they were married and lived happily ever after - and it really was ever after since Psyche was made a goddess.

How To Prevent Pimples

Do you still remember those Puberty Days when you have those tribe of acne on your face? Like there won't even have a space for new pimple? Well I do remember those days of mine, awful! just awful! But now, I do know how to manage it, how to control and how to fight it. I used to have those really healthy skin, pimple free skin but then this "curiosity" came up and smacked my face! I started using different creams because I was just curious what are those and hoping it would make my skin better but  made it worst instead (nightmare)!. Today I might don't have "perfect skin" but happy to have a pimple free skin. I will share you some of my own simple ways on how do I maintain my pimple free skin.

A. If you have Oily Skin, avoid moisturizer. Stop using any cream with moisturizer temporarily till  all you pimples are gone. 

B. If you notice that you are having an unusual blackhead or small zit that you know that it will result to a pimple, forget your cream or moisturizer overnight. Just wash your face and keep it dry till morning (it makes my pimple dry overnight).

C.Extract your blackhead before it become pimple using pimple extractor but make sure you remove the blackhead because it will get worst.

Note: Do Not believe those who told you that you can get pimple from eating oily foods,chocolates or you have a dirty blood. You only get pimple from Stress, Menstrual Cycle (For Women), Humid Environment, Comedogenic Products and sometimes if you have a greasy hair.

And of course! Get enough sleep and drink a lot of water.

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