Sunday, January 5, 2014

How To Prevent Pimples

Do you still remember those Puberty Days when you have those tribe of acne on your face? Like there won't even have a space for new pimple? Well I do remember those days of mine, awful! just awful! But now, I do know how to manage it, how to control and how to fight it. I used to have those really healthy skin, pimple free skin but then this "curiosity" came up and smacked my face! I started using different creams because I was just curious what are those and hoping it would make my skin better but  made it worst instead (nightmare)!. Today I might don't have "perfect skin" but happy to have a pimple free skin. I will share you some of my own simple ways on how do I maintain my pimple free skin.

A. If you have Oily Skin, avoid moisturizer. Stop using any cream with moisturizer temporarily till  all you pimples are gone. 

B. If you notice that you are having an unusual blackhead or small zit that you know that it will result to a pimple, forget your cream or moisturizer overnight. Just wash your face and keep it dry till morning (it makes my pimple dry overnight).

C.Extract your blackhead before it become pimple using pimple extractor but make sure you remove the blackhead because it will get worst.

Note: Do Not believe those who told you that you can get pimple from eating oily foods,chocolates or you have a dirty blood. You only get pimple from Stress, Menstrual Cycle (For Women), Humid Environment, Comedogenic Products and sometimes if you have a greasy hair.

And of course! Get enough sleep and drink a lot of water.

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