Monday, January 13, 2014


There were times when I was doubting myself as a woman, I did think that I was  lesbian. Ever since I was a child and as far as I remember, I grew up with boys around. My friends back then were all boys or lesbians, I grew up thinking that I was a lesbo too. I remember when I prefer being with the boys working on our MUSCLES (I know right!), running around or brawling occasionally with them rather than stay with the girls playing our hairs, barbie dolls or talking about the cute boys around (believe me I really hated it, I always end up hitting one of them). When I went to college, I needed to change my perception as a woman,(I realized I am not really a 100% lesbian, just one of the boys) I am not a child anymore and I need to fit in a normal world that I need to be a woman and I should like a guy and I should have girl friends and do girls stuffs... That day I realized what are the benefits of being a woman! (Especially the good looking ones)  PEOPLE ALWAYS PUTS US FIRST :) - that is true!

Now I do know why I don't have a lot of female friends and why I get along with the boys more than women, because I hate women's attitude, Here are some of the reasons why I hate them;

(I am not saying all the ladies - but some of the ladies)

*They love to gossip a LOT! - Like what the heck? they will talk behind about how ugly your dog is, how annoying your cat is, your frizzy hair, your pimples, your shoes, your clothes,your mom, your dad, your retarded brother, your slutty sister and blah blah blah, they just can't be stopped! - every time I hear women gossip, I was like "yeah right b*c"

*They are very talkative - I am talkative but not as much as talkative as they(I'm just loud :p ). I have this one female friend before when she used to come in my house ALL THE TIME and talks a lot about nonsense things, she talks about everything even she is aware that I am not listening! She talks about her relationship, about her family, about her clothes, about what she did, about that, and there and EVERYTHING! Though I do not remember what are those things because i wasn't listening at all! B-COZ I just f*ng don't give a damn about her life!

*They think everything is a competition! - you know exactly what i mean!

*They have everything you have - and its always better than yours!  - have you ever had this friend where she always have what you have? like if you say your boyfriend bought you wallet, she'll say her boyfriend bought her a bag as well. Tell her you will go to Maldives for a vacation, she"ll say she will go to Hawaii. Tell her your boyfriend bought a new car, she'll say her boyfriend just got his new Ferrari! LOL

* They have this annoying veeeeery girly voice or move so differently especially when there are boys around or talking to their boyfriends! *they unconsciously switch to Paris Hilton alter ego!

* The only topic they are interested in a conversation is BOYS! BOYS! BOYS! GOSSIP! HOW PRETTY AND SEXY THEY ARE! THEY'RE CLOTHES! SHOES! BAGS! ETC,! AND BOYS AGAIN!

...... and etc. These are just the major reasons of what I hate about women. You know what I love being with my boys? We talk b*shits and we don't care! We laugh so loud and we don't care! everything is GENUINE! no B*LLSH*TS!
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