Sunday, January 26, 2014


In a woman's life - It's not easy to have a successful career and a successful love life at the same time, it's either you have a successful career and zero love life or got a 99.99% score in love life but no career -well you are very lucky if you got the best of both worlds. I am just an average woman who's focusing on my career but no interest in love life. The best examples are the successful celebrities, some of them might get married yes but rarely lasts forever. The major advantage of having a career and sucked in love life is that you earn more money than those who chose love over their career,Women who chose to be in-love  tends to be a mother, a full time housewife but YOU girl are rolling, swinging and dancing on that pole of success.

Here are some of the disadvantages of being a successful career woman.

*You might likely to be a sad lonely old maid in a mansion abandoned by a prince.
*You have no social life or if you do have - very less.
*You have a very less REAL friends and will have a bunch of haters and enemies try'na put you down.
*You have more responsibilities and big expectations from people.
*You get less wooer and might likely to have an old successful sugar daddy suitors coz they are the only kind of men who have the guts to approach you.
*You are usually alone and hard to have a friend in a room because they get intimidated by you.

I would love to hear more from you if your'e on the top of your career and share the disadvantages being there. :)
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