Monday, January 6, 2014


Cate Blanchett as Queen Elizabeth 1

Do you know that back in 1600, women with white as pearl, alabaster skin is the definition of beauty? They used "ceruse" (combination of white lead and vinegar) and apply on their face to achieve white pale skin. Queen Elizabeth is very well known for using "ceruse", it was believed that women with pale white skin was a sign of wealth, purity, virginity, innocence, modesty and goodness. Upper Class women could only achieve the white pale skin and Lower class women were expected to work outside and gets a "suntan".

At this age everything has been changed, people now thinks that "skinny" "tan" are some of the definitions of beauty. Women today uses fake tans and skinny models became the standard of "sexy" BUT I don't think you need to be that kind of women to be beautiful, we do have our own "beauties" that different people with different definition of beauty still appreciates us. 

Anyway.... lets go back to fair-skinned woman. FYI: There are still some famous gorgeous celebrities who embraces their fair skin like Nicole Kidman, Kylie Minogue, Charlize Theron, Scarlett Jhansson and etc..

I used to have a darker skin color, I am Asian and mostly Asian women thinks that white skin is beautiful. I tried different soaps, lotions and creams, I even tried "glutathione". My skin became lighter after few months of using but I never really became loyal to one product, my friend introduced me this "royal product" once,  "kojic papaya soap" and the result is just amazing! (Price is approx. 6USD) It dries up pimples, prevents from forming and at the same time whitens the skin, you can even notice the result after a month of using. I highly recommend this product to you if you want to have a whiter skin, I am not a big fan of the smell but at least it works!
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