Monday, August 18, 2014


"What hurts the most,
Was being so close, And having so much to say,
And watching you walk away"
-Rascal Flatts

Have you ever had someone you really like/love yet you can't have them? How's that made you feel? Or is this happening with you right now? how does it make you feel? I know it hurts a LOT! giving you heavy sighs, your chest was so tight making you breath harder. I know. They are so close yet so far. We want them so bad yet we can't, we just can't, because they aren't for us. Sometimes we just need to sit down and realize that "they are the one for us, but we are not the one for them" so the only choice we have is just "move on". Everyone will go through to this phase of life, either things, people career or anything that we are always wishing for but we just cant get it. 
Through my experiences, I've learned to let go, learned a lesson that everything is temporary, and not because I want it I can get it. 
Here is my way of getting through things or people that I want but I can't have it;

I always think that everything happens for a reason like;
*Maybe I am going to meet someone better/Maybe I am going to have something better. (Oh yes I believe it!)
* God has a valid reason why I cant have it/him.
*Watch funny videos :D (I love watching Danny of Gradual Report in YouTube- he always cheers me up)
* Talk to myself in the mirror and say "You know what? I am too damn good for that/him!" believe you are beautiful!
* Shop! (Oh yes!)
* Go to the salon, change a lil bit of your look, hair. You will feel good about yourself.
* Think of the negative things that will brought to your life if you had it/him.
* And the most important of all.. I CURSE THE SH*T OUT OF IT!!! Lock yourself in you room and keep cursing! :D (it will make you feel better, I guarantee it.)

It kinda helps for me! ;)

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